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The Ravalli County Fire Council is comprised of 12 Fire agencies through out the valley.  When ever there is a threat to life or property, the fire services of the Bitterroot Valley pledge their expertise, equipment and man power to help those in need.   The Fire Districts and Fire Departments  through out the valley are dedicated to reducing emergencies to mere inconveniences.   They constantly train and equip them selves so that they can perform their various tasks using the most modern rescue and fire suppression techniques.


Emergencies occur at all times and in a variety of different places, Emergency service providers (Firefighters, EMT's, Search and Rescue, and Law Enforcement) must be ready to respond when ever and where ever they are needed.   Our "EXTREME" weather conditions, ranging from the coldest days of January to the Warmest, Driest days of August challenge both our responders and their equipment.   Motor Vehicle Accident's, Wild land fires, Structure fires, Rescues, and acute illnesses are just some of the incidents that our dedicated Volunteer's routinely face.


Outdoor Burning


Call Before you burn



* Burning will Close only if weather or fire conditions exist between March 1st and December 1st.

*Burning closes annually on December 1st and reopens March 1st.



























Agency list

(From North to South)

Florence Rural Fire District

Three Mile Rural Fire District

Stevensville Rural Fire District

Stevensville City Fire Department

Victor Rural Fire District

Corvallis Rural Fire District

Pinesdale Rural Fire District

Hamilton Rural Fire District

Hamilton City Fire Department

Darby Rural Fire District

Painted Rocks Rural Fire District

West Fork Rural Fire District

Sula Rural Fire District



Bitterroot Fire Plan


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